Reza Alaghehband

Managing Director

Reza is a Canadian entrepreneur who enjoys the challenge of developing innovative companies that change the landscape of technology and protect our environment. He has been an internationally featured speaker at industry conferences, leading universities and events discussing entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability.

  • 9 years of entrepreneurship experience
  • 2 years of executive management
  • Youngest accepted mentor into the Service Core of Retired Executives (SCORE)
  • Marketing degree and Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurial Expertise

Matt Standish

Director of Sales

Matt is a process-oriented team player with proven entrepreneurial skills, having co-founded and grown a previous startup to over 110 team members.

  • 10 years of entrepreneurship experience and 2 years of consulting
  • Experienced in different industries (marketing, logistics, manufacturing)
  • BBA in Entrepreneurial Leadership, Economics Degree, and Marketing Degree

Rodolfo Del Valle


Rodolfo is a serial entrepreneur passionate about combining technology with user centric design to build meaningful products.

  • an experienced technological entrepreneur having led and directed a team of hardware and software engineers at a successful tech startup
  • Extensive knowledge in automation and IoT technologies)
  • Engineering degree in Automation and Robotics, MIT Certification in IoT

Leanne Audia

Director of People, Performance, and Culture

Leanne is driven to create a high performing culture. She utilizes her background in facilitation and coaching to nurture Envio’s learning atmosphere. This includes the client service focused onboarding, personal and professional training, and ongoing leadership development.

  • 11 years of directorship experience
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Degree in Business Commerce and Entrepreneurial Management, and Human Resources Management Certification

Eduardo Ramirez

Software Engineer

Eduardo is a talented programmer passionate about designing beautiful and efficient code to accomplish the Envio vision.

  • 2 years of entrepreneurship and 2 years of startup experience
  • Experience in different fields (software engineering, web development, logistics)
  • Specializes in backend development
  • Industrial Engineering Degree with a minor in Computer Science

Giedrė Bučytė

Project Manager

Giedre is a highly organized and analytical individual who is always engaged in and updated on energy efficiency and smart metering solutions.

  • 5 years experience in project management and 5 years experience in consultancy, including in the development of a Smart City concept for Vilnius City
  • Experience and extensive knowledge in energy industry and energy efficient innovations
  • Specialisation in EU project management
  • Master’s in Civil Engineering

Louise Golder

General Management

Louise is a highly focussed professional with a passion for supporting companies with their international growth aspirations.

  • 7 years experience in project management, event management, operations management
  • Experienced in different industries: Information Technology, Agriculture, Government and Engineering
  • Bachelor of Commerce and Administration

Constantin Colac

Development and Integration

Constantin is a naturally analytical individual with great leadership skills, who is passionate about making and breaking things. He really is!

  • 4 years of entrepreneurship experience and 5 years experience in strategic advising
  • Specializes in full-stack development
  • Additionally has experience in customer experience and marketing
  • Bachelor’s of Science in International Communication

Marie-Constance Múñiz

Marketing Coordinator

Marie is a highly meticulous and organized individual with strong interpersonal skills and an affinity for numbers.

  • 4 years of management experience and 3 years of startup experience
    (operations and project management in two start-ups)
  • Experienced in different industries (Biotech/Biochemistry, Logistics, Online Marketing)
  • MSc Biochemistry and MSc International Business Management and Administration


Chief Security Officer


Chief Happiness Officer

Board of Advisors

Mattan Lurie

Mattan Lurie


Mattan Lurie is a China private equity professional. He was previously an investment manager and head of capital raising at Hony Capital, China’s #1 PE firm, and subsequently at CSI Capital, a fund he helped co-found along with the previous chairman of Bear Stearns Asia.

Mattan has raised over $2bn for Chinese private equity funds, and participated in high-profile China-related deals such as the management buy-in of HK-listed Digital China, and in the business development and US IPO of a cleantech company, Solarfun (Nasdaq SOLF). He holds an MBA from UCLA (Anderson School) and a BA with High Honors from UC Berkeley.

William Smith

William Smith


Bill has extensive experience as an advisor, investor and leader in a wide range of endeavours including finance, technology, international energy and construction materials.

He is currently a director of Mosaic Capital Corporation, PFB Corporation, Axia Netmedia, Closing folders, Prosper Oil and Gas LLC, Botanic Inc., Sunset Bay Yacht Group and Orca Exploration Group as well as a number of companies currently working on new opportunities. Bill is also involved in local and national non-profit organizations.

Christian Müller-Elschner

Christian Müller-Elschner


Christian Müller-Elschner has over 20 years experience in initiating, growing, and establishing new businesses and business models in telco, media, and utilities sectors. He is a managing partner of Deutche Ventures, a member of The Clean Tech Advisory board, and an expert “CleanTech” reviewer at European Venture Contest/Summit.

He is experienced in working with the pioneers in the storage based energy systems and energy management market. Christian studied industrial engineering and graduated from TU-Berlin.

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