We aim to democratize access to digitally enabled building efficiency, comfort and sustainability by offering a retrofit solution for all commercial facilities regardless of their size, age and infrastructure.

We empower industries and people to do more with less.

Our triple value proposition

Utility & Sustainability

  • Real-Time Utility Monitoring
  • Real-Time CO2 Calculations
  • Machine Learning Optimizations
  • Energy Baselining
  • Anomaly Detection

Equipment & Operation

  • Fault Detection and Diagnostics
  • Real-time Alerts and Bureau Feature
  • Workflow Management System
  • Condition Based Maintenance
  • Cost Avoidance Insights

Health & Comfort

  • Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
  • Legionnaires (LB) Disease Reporting
  • RESET Certified Platform
  • Viral Load Calculations
  • Real-Time Comfort Analysis

Use cases

Remote Monitoring & Control
Proactive Fault Detection Diagnostic
Energy Monitoring & Control
Air Quality & Virus Risk
Room Occupancy & Activity Monitoring
Pipe Monitoring (L8)
Remote Monitoring & Control
Proactive Fault Detection Diagnostic
Energy Monitoring & Control
Air Quality & Virus Risk
Room Occupancy & Activity Monitoring
Pipe Monitoring (L8)

Enable remote monitoring and control capabilities to get an overview of a facility’s operational health.

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    Portfolio View

    Effortlessly manage all aspects of buildings effectively in one central dashboard with data visualization. All assets are in one place.

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    Collect, analyze, and view real time and historic consumption of water, gas and electricity.

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    HVAC Systems & Lighting

    Adjust heating, cooling, and ventilation automatically based on self-learning algorithms customized for each facility. Adjust lighting based on occupancy patterns and availability of natural daylight.

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    Open / Shut Indicator

    Monitor doors and windows to improve security and gain better insights for room usage around facilities.

Turn data and analytics into actionable insights. Respond faster to emergencies through real-time alarms and notifications, actionable insights, analytics & historic reports.

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    Extend Equipment Life

    Minimize downtime and maintenance requirements eliminating needless site visits.

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    Automate & Optimize Daily Operations

    Set schedules for equipments and create custom conditions to trigger alerts, helping you stay connected and informed about your building at all times.

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    Preemptive Equipment Maintenance

    Manage notifications and alarms, enable diagnosis of equipment and potential solutions to problems in real-time.

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    Cost Savings Opportunities

    Identify and quantify the cost of operational faults in the areas of operations, energy, and health & comfort and provide insight on where action needs to be taken.

Quickly identify excessive energy usage and control equipment, lighting, and energy meters from a single interface. Envio’s solution is affordable and scalable, can be easily expanded to meet the needs of any growing facility.

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    Real-Time Utility Monitoring and CO2 Emissions Calculations

    Easily monitor C02 emissions and energy demand, usage and cost of equipment, lighting and energy meters from within a single pane of glass.

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    Reduce Carbon Footprint & Energy Costs

    Comply with sustainability regulations, reduce GHG emissions and drive down costs. Track, monitor and respond to energy waste in real time. Create more efficient buildings with detailed insights and reporting capabilities.

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    Machine Learning Optimization & Anomaly Detection

    Monitor energy use and identify sudden changes in patterns and deviations from historical trends. Quickly identify the root cause behind excessive energy spend and prevent future issues.

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    Streamline Operations

    Enable Condition-Based Maintenance to reduce manual labour, redundant tasks, and unnecessary operations.

The Envio Systems tech stack enables you to easily achieve frameworks like WELL and RESET for commercial facilities, and rapidly adapt to new and evolving regulations and requirements.

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    Control Indoor Air Quality

    Monitor and control airflow, humidity, CO2, room temperature, volatile organic compounds, and more factors in real-time.

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    Comply With New IAQ Regulations

    Directly connect and control key HVAC equipment to comply to re-entry guidelines, certifications, new government regulations.

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    Health Risk Mitigation

    Easily integrate air quality sensors to optimize indoor environment: Set healthy factors thresholds, and automatically react to real time occupancy.

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    Optimize Equipment Maintenance

    Set alerts and alarms to monitor equipment health and operations and to trigger strict maintenance protocols to replace filters.

Automate and customize building operations to ensure the health, comfort and safety of occupants without sacrificing energy efficiency goals.

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    Space Utilization & Smart Cleaning

    Collect real-time occupancy data and understand employee’s usage of the space, as well as identifying areas that require routine cleaning.

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    Ensure Health & Increase Productivity

    Wirelessly control all room environmental attributes, including occupancy, temperature, humidity and VOC, to create the ideal environment for occupants in real time.

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    Keep Guests Comfortable While Saving up to 70% on Energy Costs

    Enable dynamic and occupancy-based schedules into your daily operations. This creates real-time opportunities to reduce energy consumption/runtime in all building equipment, devices, sensors, and systems.

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    Improve User Experience

    Better managing meeting room and others shared space availability and utilization. Improve security and develop new usage applications around their facilities using our open API.

Automate Legionella prevention and compliance. Our solution leverages sensors, cloud analytics, and automation to help our customers prevent Legionnaires' disease outbreaks, by monitoring the movement and temperature of water within a building.

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    Pipe Monitoring & Legionella Automated Reporting

    Access 24/7 performance analytics of equipment related to the storage and transport of water and identify those that are at risk of providing an environment for Legionella bacteria.

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    Reduce Manual Labour

    Automatically determine when pipes require flushing to minimize exposure to bacteria at higher risk points in a facility, thus alleviating the need for manual checks.

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    Prevent Water Leaks

    Monitor facilities and storage areas for indications of water leaks.

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    Save Water & Reduce Carbon Footprint

    Monitor baseline of water consumption. Set alerts & alarms for anomalies. Reduce consumption by utilizing L8 monitoring and reporting.

Categorized solutions

Endless integrations

Integrate multiple systems and devices including thermostats, controllers, meters
and sensors, and other connected devices into ONE system.


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