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Envio is the best solution to monitor & manage your school’s air quality and energy consumption.

Our affordable plug-and-play solution optimizes the the indoor environment & operations of schools, creating safer schools while saving money.

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Energy utilities make up about 70% of the average building’s operating costs, meaning that energy efficiency is a financial as well as an environmental benefit. Create healthier environments while expanding budgets for students & teachers!

Furthermore, Envio’s smart solutions for schools allows teachers and administrators to solve problems faster and keep up-to-date with the health and safety of student environments via remote access & control.

Status info & management of settings can be accessed from anywhere at anytime from any web-enabled device.

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Proactive • Not Reactive

Because Envio understands that your school is dynamic, we created a smart solution that takes into consideration how your students and teachers interact within their facilities to keep it operating at an optimal level—not above or below!

Through continual monitoring & analysis, our system learns, predicts, and optimizes your indoor environment in real-time. Demand-based energy supply & smart air quality analysis enables the energy efficient, healthy, and productive learning environments of the future.

Envio Systems


Envio can easily connect to any equipment, so that you can securely manage its settings with ease on one centralized management platform.


Envio collects real time & historic data from sensors, meters, equipment, and weather data to develop predictions and insights never before possible.


Envio transforms collected data into visual and easily-readable graphs and reports, making it easier to manage the safety and health of your schools.


Envio optimizes school’s indoor environments in real-time, allowing for improvements in air quality & energy consumption.

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