A smart building system for existing commercial facilities that helps increase comfort and reduce energy cost, while enabling you to monitor and manage your building from any web-enabled device.

Energy utilities make up about 70% of the average building’s operating costs, meaning that energy efficiency is a financial as well as an environmental benefit.


Envio’s suite of affordable IoT products (CUBE, TRIA, BASE) can work individually, but are most powerful in combination.


Reduce energy cost

Installing digital controls and sensors in your building has never been easier or more affordable



Connect wirelessly

Consolidate multi-protocol communications to integrate and securely get your systems online



Track everything

Easily overcome technical barriers to optimize energy and building efficiency


The Principles Behind
Our Solution

Envio wanted to develop an end-to-end solution for ANY existing commercial building regardless of the facility’s size, age, or infrastructure. Therefore, Envio focused on creating a solution based on compatibility, scalability, affordability, and intelligence.


A universal IoT controller combining metering, sensing and automation capabilities to monitor and control various aspects of your building such as temperature, humidity, current, daylight, occupancy etc.

environmental sensor integration

secure smart grid integration

self-programming intelligent controls

preemptive maintenance & error detection

plug and play installation

universally compatible

sleek design and functional size

low cost, high value


A device coordinator ensuring rapid and encrypted communications between web server and controllers. The TRIA gateway can consolidate any existing system (BMS, EEMS, FMS, etc.)

consolidates existing systems

universally compatible

secure data upload and storage

multi-protocol communications

remote monitoring and alerts

enables secure third party integration

self and remote programming

plug and play installation


An interactive and user-friendly platform to optimize building management and parameters for HVAC-R, lighting, and equipment. BASE helps you keep track of your electricity, gas, water, heat consumption and more through secure historic and real-time data collection.

remote sensor and device management

secure cloud-based software

industry leading predictive control algorithms

optimal and secure data collection

high-quality analysis and reporting

early failure detection and alerts

central dashboard for all systems & buildings

open API available for third parties

Endless Applications

Envio‘s solutions are widely applicable in the arenas of energy, automation, agriculture, building management and more!

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Endless Integrations

Envio can connect to virtually any system existing in your restaurant, office, hotel, storage facility etc.