Founding story

Envio was born from the realization that there was a better way.

Our Mission

“Our mission is to pioneer next generation automation technologies.”

Our Vision

“Our vision is to positively impact the world through automated solutions.”

Company story

RezaIn 2008, on a late evening walk home from work, I noticed as I had many times before, that every floor of the office buildings in the downtown core still had their office lights on. It wasn’t odd, it was the norm.

I began to wonder about the impact buildings had on the environment and specifically what percentage of emissions were caused by this unnecessary energy usage. It turned out that 40% of carbon emissions were due to inefficient buildings. There wasn’t necessarily a lack of building management systems, it was more that the systems were ineffective, and were not addressing the significant loss of energy, the carbon footprint or the costs associated with these.

Having worked in various areas of the energy industry, I knew this concept was not being addressed at the level that was necessary in order to make an impact that would be required. At this time, Canada was just beginning to explore the concept of utilizing different lighting to combat carbon emissions. As I continued to research and explore this idea, I began to see the enormity of the problem it was causing and the lack of effort to create solutions.

The idea started like many others I had before, as a seed. By 2009 this idea had grown to the need to provide energy management services, and to connect automation devices to close the gaps that seemed to be widening in this field. 

And by 2010 this seed sprouted into a business plan pushing me to leave a comfortable, safe and secure position as Head of Sales for an Energy Management company in Canada.

I started as many before me, at my kitchen table. Initially I began testing the concept of “the cube,” testing one electrical component after the other, envisioning the potential of a completely wireless device that could mitigate the challenges I had been observing. This vision pushed me to pitch at one event after another as I knew the value this product could provide. After a couple of hundred pitches, incubators and accelerator programs I was provided with the opportunity to participate in “Startup Bootcamp” in Berlin, Germany in the summer of 2015.

This was the turning point for Envio. This was when my vision started to gain traction. My story is our story.

It will be because of your contribution and your desire to find solutions to our clients’ challenges. Your drive to contribute on a greater level, to look for opportunities to optimize our clients’ assets, automate tasks to create consistency, and create simple, easy to use self-sufficient products and services.

Our overriding goal at Envio is to help industries do more with less. We believe in the power of technology to improve the lives of people and to protect our environment. We know in order for this to be possible and to have the impact on a global scale, the catalyst must be the creation of more affordable and exponentially smarter automation technologies. This is our mission.


First paying customer
GmbH founding
qlair's integration with envio
Plug & Play, Energy/Sustainability, Real Estate, Smart City, and Retail Tech program
Partnership with Ebm-papst
$3 billion value of real estate managed
JLL acquires Envio


The people behind Envio

The Envio Systems team is a unique group of engineers, data scientists,
product managers & sales experts from around the world.