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We have optimized energy usage and saved money for commercial facilities in over 7 countries around the world.

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Envio reduces building’s energy costs by relying on demand-based energy supply, meaning that the building will operate only at an optimal and necessary level—not above or below!

Because we understand that your building is dynamic, we created a smart solution that takes into consideration how you interact with your building to keep it in balance.

Through continual monitoring and analyzing, our system learns, predicts, and optimizes your indoor environment in real-time to enable the interactive, energy efficient, and fully autonomous building of the future.

The Complete Building Management System For ANY Commercial Facility

A smart building system for existing commercial facilities that reduces energy costs and optimizes operations, while enabling you to monitor and manage your building from any web-enabled device.

Energy utilities make up about 70% of the average building’s operating costs, meaning that energy efficiency is a financial as well as an environmental benefit.

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Envio connects, standardizes, and translates between various protocols, systems, and equipment to enable secure total integration and management with ease.


Envio collects real time and historic data from sensors, meters, equipment, weather, and geospatial data to develop predictions and insights never before possible.


Envio transforms collected data into visual and easily-readable graphs and reports, making management decisions even easier.


Envio not only monitors and measures, but optimizes facility operations in real-time to produce unprecedented energy savings of up to 70%.

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