The Envio approach to successful project implementation and customer satisfaction.

Introduction & Demo

From the start, we give a thorough explanation of our solution and how it works, to ensure it is the right match for you.


Guided Walkthrough

Once we have established that Envio is the right solution, the implementation process starts with a personalized guided walkthrough to ensure that the right implementation strategy is created.

Plug and Play Solution

Our solution is remotely configured so once it is sent to you, it is easily installed following some guidelines. And of course, we offer support during installation.


Unlimited Training

Once your solution is installed, we offer an initial onboarding meeting. Additionally, we offer regular training opportunities to ensure all old and new team members have the tools to extract what they need from our solution.

Annual Reviews

We work hard to understand your pain points and solve them. Annual reviews are to gather feedback for future product development, as well as to review the existing data & operations of your building.