Frequently Asked Questions

Product solutions

What is the difference between envio’s solution and other solutions?

The main difference comes down to the value of envio’s solution due to its affordability and simplification. The same offering can be provided by other companies, but the costs of implementation eliminate any ROI because they rely on patching together many different systems. This is a complicated, time-consuming and expensive endeavor which envio avoids. Envio’s solution was created with the goal of affordability and easy implementation. Envio Systems standardizes, simplifies, and optimizes interoperability between entire building systems via centralization of management tools, autonomization of systems through artificial intelligence, and preventative maintenance through integrated early error detection.

What is the main difference between the three solutions (Cube, Tria, Base)?

All solutions individually have the ability to optimize the management of your buildings, as they perform different functions. However, these solutions were designed to be complementary as well.

The CUBE controller universally connects to any legacy device in building (light switches, thermostats, boilers, chillers, fans, pumps, valves, meters, etc.) to enhance them with bi-directional communication, web connectivity, and enable building-wide interoperability.

The TRIA gateway acts as a translator between communication protocols and legacy systems. It bridges the information from the Cube to the cloud and back.

BASE is our cloud-based web platform which collects, analyzes, and visually displays all components and information. It also hosts our industry leading predictive control algorithms. This is a key component since BASE utilizes real-time and historic data to determine optimal settings for every single component building-wide and relays this to the CUBE for execution.

What can be controlled with CUBE?

Each CUBE controller is capable of controlling lighting systems (On/Off, Dimming), and HVAC-R (Fans, Dampers, Valves, Boiler, Set-points). Basically anything that exists in the building system can be controlled, Therefore, what can be controlled depends on what is in the building, since every building is different. For all systems that are controlled, local consumption is also monitored.

How is everything controlled?

Our TRIA gateway is able to integrate with LonWorks and Bacnet to utilize existing capabilities. RF modules are built into each controller and utilize application dependant sensors (PIR, Microwave, Temperature, Humidity, CO2, Photocell, CT) to modify the operations based on a predictive algorithm.

Customer fit

Where does the envio system have the biggest impact?

Our system can be utilized in buildings of any size and use. That being said, we provide unmatched value for existing buildings with minimal to no existing controls.

Am I the right customer?

Envio’s solution has the ability to turn any building into a high-performance modern building regardless of its age, size, and sophistication. Therefore, you are the right customer. Please get in CONTACT with us so that an Ennovator can help you find the perfect solution.

I already have a BMS. What is the best solution for me?

If a customer has an existing BEMS or any BAS, then all that is required for building optimization is to connect their existing system with the TRIA gateway to enable systems to be online on our web-based management, BASE. All building components can then be managed with utmost efficiency and ease.

I have an incomplete BMS. What is the best solution for me?

Envio can connect to the existing BMS and fill in the data gaps by setting up CUBE controllers in the zones that need them. The TRIA gateway can get the systems online, to be managed using BASE, our cloud-based web management platform.

I do not have any BMS. What is the best solution for me?

The Envio solution provides unmatched value for buildings without any BMS. CUBE is a universal IoT controller that combines sensoring, metering, and monitoring, and can be affordably and easily implemented. The CUBE, in combination with TRIA and BASE, will help you manage your new high-performance, modern building.


How can envio be integrated with any system?

Our open API enables innovative non-web-enabled products to avoid development of costly standalone systems and helps them provide clients with additional capability for their products through a robust UI.

Is my current system compatible with envio?

Compatible with 98% of all existing systems, so most likely yes!

What is meant by predictive control algorithms and how does it work?

An algorithm is sophisticated software that conducts calculations, follows rules and/or solves specific problems. Algorithms are capable of processing large amounts of data and automating repetitive, logic-based decision-making. Envio’s industry leading predictive control algorithm is what allows your building to run autonomously under optimal parameters.

On average, Envio requires 2 to 6 weeks to develop your usage/load forecast algorithm. Development times will vary depending on the availability of building data and the quality of that data. We then conduct a testing period to prove that forecasts can be automated using our custom-made technology.


How is security guaranteed?

Besides ease of implementation, affordability, and optimization of building management, the envio solution is also valuable due to its high-level of security. All industry protocols and procedures are exceeded. End to end military grade encryption is utilized between all nodes and proxy servers.. Wireless communication protocol between cubes is proprietary and uses a different frequency than Wi-Fi. Data is hosted by AWS in Germany/Frankfurt.


What is the installation process?

Each CUBE controller takes as little as 15 minutes to install; And once our Gateway is plugged in, the client is able to view and control each zone through BASE using any web-enabled device.

Is it necessary to install the CUBE controller, if there is an existing BMS?

If there is an existing BMS, it is not necessary to install the CUBE controller. Only our TRIA gateway is required to get systems online on BASE to be managed with utmost efficiency and ease. However, if there are gaps in the existing BMS, a CUBE controller can be installed to fill the gaps.

If the equipment in the building is not connected wirelessly, can the CUBE controller connect and control this equipment?

If the equipment has any networking or communication capability (wired or wireless), then the CUBE can connect and control the equipment without any planned outage. If the equipment has no way for us to communicate with it, then we may need to take direct control, which will require a planned short outage. Sometimes it is more economical and convenient to simply ship a similar device powered by the CUBE and perform a swap out.


How long until savings are achieved?

envio’s industry leading predictive control algorithm is what allows your building to run autonomously under optimal parameters. On average, envio requires 2 to 6 weeks to develop your usage/load forecast algorithm.

How can I purchase your system?

Get in touch with one of our sales representatives to find the perfect envio system solution for you. Please contact us through our CONTACT form.


Can I schedule a demo?

We can provide a demo of the BASE web platform. Please CONTACT us to setup a demo with one of our sales representatives. A sales representative can also answer any other questions you may have related to our product solutions.

What are success stories?

We are under NDA with most of our larger clients, some notable examples envio is allowed to disclose are: Bangchak, Bouygues Immobilier, Zurich Insurance, Vinci Construction, Daimler, Commerzbank.