Frequently Asked Questions

The Envio team is happy to answer any further questions, just contact one of our experts.

How is the Envio solution different from other solutions?

The main difference comes down to the value of Envio’s solution due to its affordability, ease of incorporation, and industry-leading web platform.

How does Envio save energy?

Envio saves energy by relying on demand-based energy supply, meaning that the building will operate only at an optimal and necessary level—not above or below!

What can be connected and controlled with the Envio solution?

Basically anything that exists in the building system can be connected and controlled, Therefore, what can be controlled depends on what is in the building, since every building is different. Additional sensors and actuators that are missing from the building system can be provided by Envio.

How is everything connected and controlled with the Envio solution?

There are three layers to how Envio System connects and controls everything:

1. Legacy equipment is upgraded and brought into the network via the Envio CUBE.
2. Already networked equipment is integrated via the TRIA gateway.
3. And everything that is integrated is transferred onto BASE, the web-based management platform.

What happens when internet connection is lost?

Our programming is embedded and can therefore operate indefinitely based on local sensor information, regardless of internet connection.

Is my building compatible with the Envio solution?

Envio is compatible with 98% of all existing systems, so most likely yes!

What is the best solution for my building(s)?

Envio’s solution has the ability to turn any building into a high-performance modern building regardless of its age, size, and sophistication. Please get in CONTACT with one of our experts to find the perfect solution for you.

There are three main categories:

1. Existing BMS: All that is required for building optimization is to connect the existing building management system with the TRIA gateway, to enable systems to be online on our web-based management platform, BASE. All building components can then be managed with utmost efficiency and ease.

2. Incomplete BMS: Envio can augment and upgrade the existing BMS with the CUBE controller. The TRIA gateway can get the systems online, to be managed using BASE, our cloud-based web management platform.

3. No BMS: The Envio solution provides unmatched value for buildings without any BMS. The CUBE is a universal IoT controller that combines sensoring, metering, and monitoring, and can be affordably and easily implemented. The CUBE, in combination with TRIA and BASE, will help you manage your new high-performance, modern building.

What and how long is the installation process for the Envio solution?

Every CUBE controller takes an hour to install. The TRIA gateway is connected within minutes. The BASE management platform can be logged into in seconds.

What are the primary benefits of the Envio solution?

The primary benefit is the extensive amount of functionalities that can be incorporated at a much lower price point and with much less effort. Additional benefits include reduction of energy costs and increased operational efficiency. Our industry-leading web platform, BASE, allows for the centralization, simplification, and optimization of building management.

How secure is the Envio solution?

Envio utilizes end-to-end military grade encryption.

What is done with the data?

In accordance with the GDPR laws, Envio does not store any personally identifiable data. We process Customer Data only for the provision and operation of our Services unless otherwise required by applicable law, in which case, Envio shall inform Customer of such legal requirement before carrying out the processing.

All data collected is aggregated and used for the advancement and improvement of the services we provide. All data, hardware, and software used in providing these services remain the property of Envio. The customer has access to the information we store at all times, upon written request.

When can I expect to see results?

Energy savings are achieved from day one. The solution automatically identifies and fixes problem areas to immediately produce energy savings. The building operations and energy usage gets further optimized on an ongoing basis as data based off how you interact with your building is collected.