Partner Spotlight: Airthings

The partner we have chosen to highlight this month brings together industry-leading expertise and innovation to develop technologies that help make buildings safer, healthier, and more energy-efficient. As part of this mission, We have partnered with them to offer customers a comprehensive indoor air quality solution that improves the lives of people in buildings around the world. Our partner of the month for June 2022 is: Airthings

Airthings is a global technology company and producer of award-winning radon and indoor air quality monitors for homeowners, businesses, and professionals. Founded in 2008, Airthings is on a mission to ensure that people around the world recognize the impact of indoor air quality and take control of their health through simple, affordable, and accurate technology solutions while optimizing energy consumption in buildings. To learn more about Airthingssolutions, please visit

Vision and Objectives

The impact of poor indoor air quality on human health can be very significant knowing that we spend 90 percent of our time indoors and that the concentrations of some pollutants are 2 to 5 times higher than outdoor concentrations.  Indoor air pollution can come from many sources, including building materials and furnishings, household equipment, and human activities such as the combustion of fuels for cooking, or heating. The hazardous substances emitted lead to a broad range of health problems and may even be fatal.  Our partnership with Airthings seeks to ensure a healthy and safe indoor environment for buildings occupants. It aims to raise awareness around the importance of clean air and how it is an essential determinant of safety and well-being,  improve the quality of indoor air using IoT and analytics, as well as provide tenants with the right tools to meet IAQ standards and certifications.  

Airthings and Envio Systems: Towards Sustainable and Healthy Buildings

The Envio-Airthings powerful combo enables users to benefit from a comprehensive solution that improves their indoor air quality while also providing real-time information about home energy use. The collaboration leverages Aithings’s expertise in sensing technologies and Envio advanced analytics to provide customers with actionable insights into their facilities’ health. Envio Systems integrates with various third-party devices like Airthings which makes it possible to pull sensor data into our Base platform and have all key information accessible from one single pane of glass. Moreover, Airthings are RESET certified the world’s first sensor-based and performance-driven building standard and certification program. Certifications met by building owners and operators significantly enhance the property value.

Use Case: Smart Offices Simplified 

The challenge:

Envio Systems was selected and challenged to optimize energy, remove redundant tasks, automate alerts, customize operations, monitor in real-time, and provide digestible and insightful analytics and reporting across all existing systems. Airthings worked with Envio to transform the customer’s building into a next-generation facility by utilizing technology that focuses on occupants’ health while optimizing maintenance and equipment operations.

The goal of implementation was to digitalize the current infrastructure so that the operations could be monitored,  controlled with ease, and in some scenarios automated.

The solution:

Envio Systems’ digitalized the existing infrastructure with the Envio TRIA Gateway, a device coordinator and protocol consolidator. The TRIA Gateway enables monitoring and control of existing infrastructure through the Envio cloud-based operating system, EOS.  Additionally, the following advanced functionalities were also enabled: 

  • Lighting + extra communication protocols
  • Third-party APIs: Airthings 

The installation of the TRIA is non-disruptive,  meaning that wiring is not required, no physical infrastructure changes are required, and the hardware is plug and play,  meaning it can be connected in a matter of minutes to an hour to the BMS of existing sites. Airthings sensors are also non-disruptive. The sensors are small and easy to deploy and many can be deployed to increase accuracy while maintaining cost-efficiency.

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