Envio Systems’ New TRIA Gateway 3.0 Enables Complete Integration of Building Systems for Maximum Operational Efficiency

Berlin, Germany. Envio Systems, a breakthrough solution to digitally connect, monitor, and control commercial buildings from a single pane of glass, today has introduced the TRIA Gateway 3.0.

Buildings continue to become smarter and more complex. Part of Envio Systems’ mission is to connect and integrate various and existing building management systems with smart building automation technology. This can be related to HVAC, lighting, occupancy and many more while keeping it cost-effective for building owners. Envio’s affordable solutions can transform any building into a smart one regardless of size, age, and infrastructure, saving up to 45% of energy waste/consumption.

TRIA Gateway 3.0 is the latest addition to Envio’s suite of IoT products with updates focused on security, reliability, and connectivity, as well as expanded functionality and support for BMS and BAS solutions.

Using encrypted communication, TRIA Gateway 3.0 acts as a device coordinator and sends the data to Envio’s only cloud-based pane of glass, BASE EOS (Envio Operating System). The result is faster deployments and unprecedented collaboration across multiple systems and technologies, including IoT, Smart Metering, Energy Management, HVAC-R, Smart Grid, and more.

The strength of TRIA 3.0 Gateway compared to previous versions lies in its enhanced intelligence, connectivity, and compatibility, allowing communication with more than 27 energy and automation protocols, including BACnet, Modbus, OPC DA, and more.

Also, TRIA 3.0 possesses native plug & play wireless mesh connectivity to all Envio devices for seamless on-site deployments and multiple other communication interfaces, both physical hardware ports and Radio Frequency interfaces which allow it to be expandable.

“Data silos have always been a pain point for commercial facilities and a major barrier to technology adoption,” said Reza Alaghehband, CEO at Envio Systems. “TRIA Gateway 3.0 compared to previous versions brings enhanced compatibility and enables a new generation of endless connectivity possibilities that specifically address these challenges, helping our customers to achieve true integration across systems and future proof their facilities”

The world of technology and buildings is changing, with recent efforts driving buildings towards a future of greater operational efficiency. Envio Systems has developed TRIA 3.0 as a key enabler for these efforts, bringing building systems online in order to give building owners and facilities managers more data, greater efficiency, and easier control over their operations. 


About Envio Systems 

Envio Systems was established in 2016 and has developed a groundbreaking solution allowing the cost-efficient digital management of commercial facilities of every age, size, and sophistication. The large team of specialists in building management, energy efficiency, and IoT automation is headquartered in Berlin, Germany. Envio’s solution is currently being used in over 21 countries globally, operating over $3B in commercial assets for clients such as JLL, CBRE, Starwood Capital, The Crown Estate, Swiss Prime Site, and BNP Paribas.

For more information contact: 

Matt Standish, E-Mail: m.standish@enviosystems.com

Visit https://enviosystems.com/ 

Media contact:

Marie Arlette Casanova, E-mail: m.casanova@enviosystems.com

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