Partner Spotlight: Integral

This month, we are celebrating a partner who has significantly strengthened our presence in the United Kingdom as we continue to expand our footprint globally. With their help, we have been able to develop a deeper understanding of the British market and better respond to its needs. Our partner of the month for April 2022 is: Integral

About Integral 

Integral UK Ltd is a JLL company and a leading Mechanical, Electrical, and Fabric property maintenance business, providing Planned, Preventative and Reactive Maintenance to over 1,600 clients in 64,000 locations. With a reputation for delivering engineering excellence and a strong partnership culture, Integral provides a range of maintenance solutions individually tailored to suit clients’ needs. With over 1,800 technicians and engineers, Integral operates one of the largest mobile maintenance fleets in the country — enabling them to focus on first-time fixes and quick and efficient responses. Find out more about Integral here:

Vision and Objectives

It is no secret that the built environment significantly contributes to climate change. The buildings sector accounts for about one-third of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions and uses about 40 percent of the global energy supply. Together with Integral, we share the same vision of creating a built environment that is fit for the future. Our aim is to offer innovative solutions for the real estate sector that help reduce energy waste and improve buildings’ efficiency by leveraging data analytics and the Internet of Things.

By combining the facility management expertise Integral is known for with our data analytics capabilities and cutting-edge smart IoT building solutions, we transform buildings into high-performing and sustainable assets.

Integral and Envio Systems: The Next Generation Facility Management 

Integral aims to provide its customers with products and solutions that help make a difference – delivering sustainable building performance, decarbonizing the built environment, and supporting wellbeing. That’s where Envio comes in, our solution offers transparency into how the building & equipment is operating/being used. Our building management platform allows for better monitoring and control of buildings’ performance, enabling a quick understanding of savings potential across a portfolio and a proactive response to faults. This leads to fewer emergencies, early problem detection, proactive management of equipment, and more efficient use of facility management staff.  This also leads to the ability to reduce costs by optimizing energy consumption and reducing maintenance costs which result in a  better working environment for the staff and employees in the building as it is more comfortable, pleasant, and safe.

Use Case: Redefining the Future of Offices

Envio Systems was engaged by Integral to help transform a flexible central London workspace of 3,741 square meters into a premium and sustainable space. Envio was challenged to optimise energy, remove redundant tasks, automate alerts, customise operations, monitor in real-time, and provide digestible and insightful analytics and reporting across all existing systems. Integral worked with Envio, acting on the insights we provided to turn our client’s workspace into a next-generation building by utilizing technology that focuses on occupants to increase the efficiency of the building operation.

The results:

  • Decrease in energy consumption of 63,628 kWh per month
  • Cost savings of approximately 41% or £11,450 per month following Envio’s optimizations. 
  • Reduction in carbon emission by 13.8 tonnes of CO2 each month.

KONTAKT to learn more about our solution.

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