Revolutionizing Smart Buildings With Digital Twins

Smart buildings are quickly gaining momentum – and as their capabilities and sophistication grow, they are set to revolutionize the building sector. Digital Twin technology is a key smart building enabler as it acts as a virtual replica of a physical environment. This helps to automate and optimize built systems and empowers users and operators, providing an extensive analytical tool. So, what are the real benefits of Digital Twin? 


Improved Visibility Into Building Operations 

Facility Managers can efficiently manage all building systems and visualize and analyze combined data sets through one platform using Digital Twin. Aggregating all data not only saves a significant amount of time and reduces risks of information loss, but it also unlocks actionable insights and optimizes daily operations. A Digital Twin can also help building operators plan costs as it can help estimate when new parts or upgrades will need to be put in place. 

Moreover, given the immense valuable data Digital Twin can leverage, asset faults can be detected sooner compared to other asset management systems. Digital Twin can improve technician’s reaction time, reducing it through generating status alerts and offering an extensive view of assets ‘status and location. In the case of complex assets, this allows technicians to simulate a proposed solution before applying it physically to cut error risks and shorten downtimes. 


Enhanced Workplace Experience And Maximized Space Utilization 

Occupancy sensors data is communicated to Digital Twin which allows facility management teams to access detailed insights concerning how their building is being used. These insights provide visibility to managers on tenant services in demand to be implemented. Information regarding space utilization, energy usage patterns, cleaning schedules, and building operations is integrated and analyzed to suggest optimization processes. Digital Twin also allows facility managers to see how building designs impact the flow of people and even recommend optimal seating organization to improve space utilization and enhance the users’ experience. 

During the pandemic, buildings have also played a role in limiting the spread of the virus. Envio Systems had put occupants´ health at the heart of its priority and announced a complete indoor air quality focus to prevent and slow down transmission as well as ensure the ongoing health protection of occupants. 


Reduced Carbon Emission 

The building sector accounts for 38% (1) of all energy-related CO2 emissions which makes it one of the biggest contributors to climate change. Digital Twin technology has the potential to make a big impact on the world’s carbon emissions. It allows the minimization of heating, air conditioning, and lighting energy consumption to achieve energy efficiency and higher sustainability. 

Existing buildings also waste a colossal amount of energy. In order to achieve Government zero-carbon by 2050, the European Commission estimated that the renovation rate of existing buildings will need to reach 3% (2). However, renovation is hindered by the important costs it generates and the lack of visibility for investors in terms of return on investment (ROI). Facility managers can make lower-risk investments by designing a more accurate renovation solution using Digital Twin technology. Due to the little information available on existing buildings, designers make assumptions that create a ´performance gap´, where the energy consumption estimated turns out to be much lower than the actual one. Digital twin gives an accurate model of existing buildings and provides the exact energy consumption allowing for the correct actions to be taken. 

At Envio Systems, we help you leverage all monitoring and reporting data. With innovative technologies, buildings become smart and dynamic spaces. Our breakthrough platform is designed to enhance users’ comfort and building efficiency, reduce costs, and create a sustainable built environment. Curious to learn more about our solutions and how it can help boost your building performance? Contact us now. 


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