Grow’in Skärholmen: Innovation & Sustainability

Reza Alaghehband, CEO and founder of Envio Systems participated today in the Grow’in Skärholmen, an event co-organized by Plug & Play in Sweden.

The event highlights Skärholmen’s potential as a Swedish innovation center. Spegeldammen, the large pond in the square outside Skärholmen Centrum turned into a box park to host various talks, meetings, activities, musical and cultural experiences. The initiative is a collaboration between the Skärholmen district administration and Grosvenor Europe, owner of Skärholmen Centrum, who has the ambition to make Skärholmen the leading innovation center in Sweden. Therefore, three full days focused on the topic of Innovation and Sustainability.

Key speakers discussed the need for innovation to tackle the major drivers of climate change. Touching on different topics such as how we can work to inspire and promote innovation, why innovation is so important, and why innovation is a prerequisite for sustainable development. During the theme days, among others, the founder and CEO of Plug and Play, Saeed Amidi, who plans to establish an innovation center at Skärholmen Centrum, and Anna König Jerlmyr, mayor of Stockholm, participated. Other interesting participants were serial entrepreneur Anssi Rantanen, VNV Global investment firm CEO Per Brilioth, City of Stockholm innovation director Karin Ekdahl Wästberg, and Grosvenor Group director of digital innovation Craig. O’Donell.

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