Envio Systems Announces Enhanced Fault Detection That Provides a Proactive Diagnostic Workflow

Fault Detection and Proactive Diagnostic Workflow

NOVEMBER 30, 2020 – Berlin, Germany. Envio Systems, a breakthrough technology to digitally connect and operate the next generation of commercial real estate, today has announced its latest feature: fault detection and proactive diagnostic workflows. The focus of the new feature is not only on preemptive maintenance for equipment, but rather to identify problems and cost saving opportunities in the areas of operations, energy, and health & comfort. 

In addition to optimizing daily operations, machine learning can optimize fault detection. Such technology is pertinent for data analysis of various systems and IoT devices within a building to identify abnormalities and deviations. After symptom identification, the Envio Operating System (EOS) can target a diagnosis and present potential remedies.

The age of PropTech has many times over proven how data can enhance building operations. However, for data to be truly valuable, it needs to be synthesized and actionable so that commercial building owners and operators have the tools to make smarter and faster decisions when it comes to building management. 

After all, AI can expedite the detection of technical problems, but it has its limitations. Human intuition and expertise is still needed, especially when it comes to buildings with deeper resource constraints where subtle and qualitative aspects play an important role. For this reason Envio Systems did not stop at fault detection, but aimed to develop a diagnostic and maintenance workflow that works for the humans in charge.

“The IoT tells us about where we are, and how to get to where we want to be” – Reza Alaghehband, CEO of Envio Systems

The new detection and diagnostic feature accurately identifies operational, energy, and comfort issues, resulting in a variety of notification types and alarm management options so that the whole facility management team is engaged. Upon identification, a diagnosis and potential solution is provided. These identifications also extend to predict future issues, so stakeholders can take proactive steps to mitigate. 

Furthermore, Envio Systems has upgraded its Insights Dashboards to allow commercial building owners and operators to quickly visualize and understand the real-time and historic status, response time, and cost associations of their alarm management. This level of transparency clearly translates the operational and financial rewards of the fault detection system, as well as efforts of your facility management team.

Envio’s exciting new development enables facilities managers to further optimize building operations, adding great value to risk management, customer experience, and cost-efficiency.



Envio Systems was started with the goal to positively impact the world via automated solutions and focused on creating a suite based on compatibility, scalability, affordability, and intelligence. A cloud-based IoT platform for enhanced performance and operation of commercial buildings, their smart building system enables remote monitoring and control, and reveals comprehensive real-time data so owners and operators have the information they need to make buildings better, healthier, and more efficient. Founded in 2016 in Berlin, Germany, Envio’s team is a unique group of 42 engineers, data scientists, product managers, and more from around the world. For more information, please visit www.enviosystems.com.


Media contact:

Marie Arlette Casanova


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