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June 17, 2019
Published on LinkedIn by Ellie Amirnasr, PhD., CEO at qlair powered by MANN+HUMMEL

Meet qlair

qlair is providing an end-to-end solution for climate control in the commercial environment. With our digital solution, customers are able to monitor outdoor air quality in real time and track their pollution footprint from outdoor and indoor sources. In addition, users will be able to optimize energy consumption while reducing maintenance costs through our filter life cycle monitoring feature.

Climate control and clean air management are important for many different environments. In industries like healthcare, indoor farming, manufacturing, office buildings and universities, harmful indoor pollutants like fine dust, and VOCs are beginning to get more attention. These gasses and particles can come from both outdoor sources – like vehicle exhaust, plumbing vents, and building exhausts; and indoor sources through items containing VOCs like upholstery, carpets, adhesives and copy machines. Currently, most facilities enlist the help of building automation systems for indoor air monitoring and asset management, allowing for hands-free control of systems and equipment.

Typically, the climate control module of building automation systems are only equipped with temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide sensors, which limits the scope of indoor air pollution monitoring. Customers have been requesting a clean air management tool that includes tracking for all harmful indoor pollutants, not just the aforementioned three, while increasing automation and actionability. Once integrated into your building automation system, qlair can provide data-driven insights that not only inform, but allow you to take the necessary steps to optimize your indoor environment. To bring our solution to life, qlair recently partnered with an innovative, up and coming building automation company, Envio Systems.

Meet Envio Systems

Envio Systems is a pioneer in next generation building automation. Their IoT suite connects to new and existing building equipment in order to collect and analyze data in real-time for continual optimization of building operations and energy efficiency. This information all gets translated to their industry-leading cloud-based user interface, allowing for efficient and remote management. Their mission is to provide an end-to-end, affordable, and intelligent solution that allows any existing commercial facility, to save both money and energy. To do so, Envio’s focus is creating a “one-stop-shop” for facility managers, meaning that operations can be monitored and managed through their catch-all service. With an environmentally-centered position and an urge to reduce energy consumption and cost, Envio is paving the way for accessible building management services.

But what sets Envio Systems apart from their competition? Overall, it is their dedication to making their product the most accessible building automation solution on the market. Marie-Constance Múñiz, Envio’s marketing manager stated that “affordability is key to accessibility, and accessibility is key to positively impacting the world through connected, automation solutions,” when asked about Envio’s main objective in entering this industry. Envio is passionate about making building automation available to everyone, and strives to reduce the complexity and expense commonly associated with such solutions.

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Our Partnership

With an abundance of common values and goals, qlair’s integration with Envio was an easy decision to make. Envio, looking to add automation services to its platform, saw value in qlair’s digital solution, one that provides data-driven, actionable insights to improve facilities’ indoor air quality.

Envio integrates all aspects of building management into one hub, including HVAC, occupancy, lighting, and utilities. At the same time, qlair aims to integrate with building automation systems in order to control and monitor indoor air quality for energy reduction and cost savings. Sounds like a match made in heaven, right? Right. qlair easily integrated into Envio’s hub and can now take over the ventilation units, as well as utilize more functionalities regarding indoor air through their system (e.g. automated mold risk warnings, filtration solutions, demand driven-ventilation). Our backend air quality solution will directly affect the “health” of buildings and its occupants, through utilizing Envio Systems to monitor indoor air and provide actionable insights when issues arise.

Looking to Take Your Facility to the Next Level?

Envio and qlair provide proactive solutions to any and all of your building management needs, and have been shown to drastically reduce energy consumption and costs once implemented. No more complex diagnoses and guessing games. Receive data-driven solutions easily viewable through your mobile phone and/or personal computer, and catch building management problems long before they ever cause damage.

Working in the indoor farming industry? Recently, Envio launched a customized product called Innogrow specifically for indoor farming applications. Since temperature, carbon dioxide, and humidity must be regularly controlled and held stable for maximizing output, air quality is a critical parameter for indoor farms. Without proper monitoring, mold growth and cross contamination can become serious problems for indoor farmers, leading to crop damage and money lost.

Qlair offers intelligent analytics features that can identify the root causes of these issues, allowing you to stay a step ahead of improper air quality conditions.

Interested in a one-time special offer for our launch in North America? click below:

https://www.innogrow.io/product/qlair/ (1 sensor + 6 month subscription/service)

Still not convinced?

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Reach out to the qlair team here: https://i-qlair.com/contact-us/ or speak with Envio Systems here: https://enviosystems.com/contact/

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