StartUps and their Impact on Smart Buildings 2019 Industry Report

February 2019 | Industry Report | Memoori Business Intelligence Ltd

A Comprehensive Evaluation of StartUp Companies in the Smart Building Space

This Report is a New 2019 Definitive Resource for Evaluating Startup Companies in the Smart Buildings space.

The publisher has identified 482 private companies founded between 2009 and 2018 in the smart buildings sector, which comply with their definition of being a Startup. In addition to this, the researchers have identified 109 startups that have been acquired and 13 firms that filed for an IPO since 2009, amounting to over 600 active new entrants in the smart commercial buildings sector.

2018 has proved to be a record year for investment in the global smart buildings sector, with over $2.4 billion invested in startups; showing increased confidence by investors in the sector and indicating the positive response companies are receiving for their products and services in the market.

The researcher’s definition of a Startup is “A private company formed no earlier than 2009 that is focused on the commercial and industrial buildings market, is not a subsidiary or an acquisition of a larger company and is often financed by venture capital or private equity funding.”

What Will This Report Tell You?

  • The first Unicorn in the smart buildings space was created by the massive $1.1 billion investment in View Glass by Softbank Vision Fund. Even discounting the View investment, 2018 attracted total funding of over $1.3 billion in the commercial and industrial buildings space, still a record level of investment to date.
  • The number of funding rounds has risen to 184 in 2018. The capital invested in the global smart buildings sector has increased more than 6 times since 2012 with the sector attracting around $6.8 billion during this period.
  • The publisher identified 109 acquisitions of startup companies over the last 7 years. 2018 accounted for over 37% of these emerging player deals confirming the consolidation trend and increasing recognition by potential acquirers of the benefits of closer collaboration with startups.

The information and analysis in this report are based on research and interviews with emerging players in the Smart Building Space.

It demonstrates the critical contribution that Startups are making to the introduction of innovation in the Smart Buildings space.

Within its 255 Pages and 64 Charts and Tables, The Report Sieves out all the Key Facts and Draws Conclusions, so you can Understand how StartUp Companies are Shaping the Future of the Smart Building Industry

  • Overall this report demonstrates how the core smart buildings market is being heavily impacted by adjacent markets, particularly the PropTech phenomenon in the commercial real estate sector, but also by “Smart” developments in the Grid, the Home and Cities.
  • Interactions between major players and early-stage startups have continued to increase in the past 2 years, through accelerator and incubator programs and direct collaboration. Utility companies and energy services providers have been particularly focused on building relationships with new entrants in the energy sector
  • Over the course of the last 7 years, the publisher has tracked a total of 824 venture funding investments relating to startup companies in the smart buildings space. The investments range from seed and angel investments to debt financing and Series A to Series E rounds. Funding ranged in value from under $1 million to $1.1 billion.

This report provides valuable information into how StartUp companies are developing their businesses through Acquisitions, Partnerships and Alliances.

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