Warehouse Saves 911 Kg of CO2 Per Year With Only 10 Sensors


The customer is a world-leading company based in Northern Europe and operates in the development, manufacture, and sale of energy industrial machinery. It has a facility that includes two large storage halls and a small office area.


The challenge

The company operates on a 24 x 7 basis but most warehouse activity occurs during weekdays when products are moved in and out of the storage units.

The warehouse operatives noticed that there was a problem with the temperature in the storage halls. The heating systems were operating at a constant rate regardless of the temperature in the warehouse.


Our solution

The optimization of the Air Heating Units (AHUs) operations and wasted energy, an important issue for the bottom line and energy efficiency.

With help from our partner Disruptive Technologies, our client was able to identify and rectify energy waste and benefit from the resulting energy savings.

Savings per year
21,695 kwH
3,727 EUR
911 kg of CO2

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