London Workspace Reduced Electricity Consumption by 31.20% In 5 Months


Our client is not offering a space, but “space as a service” of 2,741 m² where the added value to the customer is of utmost importance. The building is a multi-functional flexible working space, requiring a solution that supports comfort and function for various zone types.

The challenge

The approach of enhancing the premium flexible workspace was broken down into three focuses:

  • Enhance the foundational structure and prepare the buildings to become smart and efficient
  • With the rise of COVID-19, the importance of air quality and other health factors have equally risen
  • Reduce their carbon footprint and energy consumption and eliminate manual labor, redundant tasks, and unnecessary operations

Our solution

Envio Systems’ digitalized the existing infrastructure with the Envio TRIA Gateway, a device coordinator and protocol consolidator. The TRIA Gateway enables monitoring and control of existing infrastructure through the Envio cloud-based operating system, EOS. Additionally, the functionality of the co-working space was enhanced with an Envio CUBE, a universal IoT controller, and main meter integration.

Envio Systems also tracks comfort factors such as humidity, temperature, and CO2 levels. Our open API allows the integration of other sensors such as Disruptive Technologies to monitor a variety of health and comfort factors and adjust operations automatically to meet safety standards ASHRAE and even RESET.
Disruptive Technologies provided sensors that would provide data for Legionella reporting, in addition to temperature sensors.

The Envio Operating System was the interface for reporting and sensor analytics. Furthermore, the platform can automate operational activities based on data collected by Disruptive Technologies’ sensors.

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