Smart building automation solutions are for everyone!
Learn how Envio’s smart solution applies across nearly every industry.

Here are some of the markets we are automating and optimizing.

Real Estate

CRE buildings of all types and of all ages can benefit from smart building automation.

Reduce OpEx, increase your property value & improve the occupant experience.

& Schools

Offices and schools are prone to poor indoor air quality and temperature imbalances.

We can automatically solve these common problems.

& Restaurants

Keep guests comfortable while saving up to 70% on energy costs.

Increase employee productivity and operational efficiency.



Reduce your overhead and easily manage multiple sites.

Optimize employee and guest comfort, while saving energy.

Endless Applications

Envio’s solutions are widely applicable in the arenas of energy, automation, agriculture, building management and more!

With smart building automation, you can manage and control your entire portfolio of facilities at once – even on-the-go!

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Envio LabsEnvio Energy

Endless Integrations

Envio can connect to virtually any system existing in your restaurant, office, hotel, storage, facility, etc.


Find out how Envio can help you achieve the most efficient and secure way to save time, money, and energy.