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Envio Systems is dedicated to positively impacting the world through connected automation solutions.

We recognize the energy and resource crisis, and have identified a major source of the issue that we can solve.

Our affordable and intelligent solution solves comfort and energy issues in commercial buildings, while lowering overhead costs through easy-to-use technology. We basically make buildings stronger and smarter.

Read on to further understand the problem and get a glimpse of our breakthrough solution!

A smart building system for existing commercial facilities that helps increase comfort and reduce energy cost, while enabling you to monitor and manage your building from any web-enabled device.

Energy utilities make up about 70% of the average building’s operating costs, meaning that energy efficiency is a financial as well as an environmental benefit.

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money and energy wasted

Commercial buildings waste up to 50% of total energy used

  • outdated systems
  • limited capabilities
  • lack of management
  • inability to adjust to real time

Why isn’t the problem fixed yet? Existing solutions are either

  • expensive, therefore eliminating any ROI
  • or require an overly complex installation


Our secure solution can save you up to 70% of energy

  • fully integrated IoT
  • universally compatible
  • intuitive user-friendly web platform
  • industry leading smart algorithm

How does Envio create an accessible solution to the problem?

  • affordable with shortest payback in the industry
  • plug and play easy installation

Endless Applications

Envio‘s solutions are widely applicable in the arenas of energy, automation, agriculture, building management and more!

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Endless Integrations

Envio can connect to virtually any system existing in your restaurant, office, hotel, storage facility etc.

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