We make affordable + intelligent

smart building solutions

We believe in the power of technology to improve the lives of people and to protect our environment. We understand that to achieve impact on a global scale, more affordable and exponentially smarter automation technologies need to be created.

And we know we are creating these.

Our Solution

The world’s first economic solution to making existing commercial buildings more energy efficient:

envio’s universal smart control system
transforms any building into a modern high performance building

Our complete suite of affordable and easily installable building management software and IoT devices figures out the most efficient and secure way to save energy using artificial intelligence depending on how YOU interact with your building.

money and energy wasted

Commercial buildings waste up to 50% of total energy used

  • outdated systems
  • limited capabilities
  • lack of management
  • inability to adjust to real time

Why isn’t the problem fixed yet?

  • expensive
  • complex


Our secure solution can save you up to 70% of energy

  • fully integrated IoT
  • universally compatible
  • intuitive user-friendly web platform
  • industry leading smart algorithm
  • affordable with shortest payback in industry
  • plug and play easy installation

Why Us?

Quick energy
& money savings

Secure system with
easy installation

User friendly
analytics & reporting

Online tracking,
management, and alerts

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