Partner Spotlight: Disruptive Technologies

When it comes to improving the way buildings are used and managed, we strongly believe that collaboration is key to realizing a meaningful outcome. We have the privilege of working with the most talented technology partners from across the globe. One of the key partners that enabled us to leapfrog to the next level of building efficiency and that we would like to highlight this month is Disruptive Technologies. 

About Disruptive Technologies: 

Vision and Objectives

One of the most important things for any business to consider is how well their building meets their current needs—and how well it can support them as they grow into new spaces and more users. If your building isn’t set up to house all of your tenants, or if there are parts of it that aren’t properly insulated or energy efficient, then it could be costing you more than just money! It could be affecting users’ productivity and health. And it could also contribute to higher emissions. Curtailing building emissions and creating a built environment that is fit for the future – it’s no small feat. That is why we couldn’t be more thrilled to collaborate with brilliant partners like  Disruptive Technologies. Joining forces with DT has allowed us to deploy our solutions worldwide, speeding up the shift to smart sustainable buildings. The relationship between our companies is strengthened by a shared vision: to ensure technology is utilized to the most efficient degree possible while preserving and protecting the environment.

Disruptive Technologies and JLL: Retrofit on a budget

Retrofitting your building is a great way to save money and reduce your environmental impact. But it can be expensive, especially if you have to pay for all the materials yourself. But what if we told you that there’s another way? The use of only a few temperature sensors, when combined with an analytics engine, can provide any company with granular and specific data about their operating environment. With data from smart building systems, owners can monitor and control their energy usage through a single interface, giving them complete control over several processes simultaneously. This allows users to track the performance of all their assets, minimize energy consumption, and optimize space usage.

The financial savings over a year clearly exceed the costs of buying and running the sensors as well as those of the Envio web-based management system (WebBMS), offering the customer a good Return on Investment and large CO2 savings.

Case Study: Saving energy and money with smart technology

  • The challenge:

The customer is a world-leading company based in Northern Europe and operates in the development, manufacture, and sale of energy industrial machinery. The warehouse operatives noticed that there was a problem with the temperature in the storage halls. The heating systems were operating at a constant rate regardless of the temperature in the warehouse. This led them to optimize the operation of the Air Handling Units (AHUs) and minimize energy waste an important issue for the bottom line and energy efficiency by deploying DT sensors in the warehouse and monitoring collecting data via Envio WebBMS.

  • The solution:

The customer engaged JLL  and Disruptive Technologies to help the warehouse operators collect data they could use to explore the issue and then make decisions on how to solve the potential problem. The solution consists of Envio WebBMS, together with temperature sensors from Disruptive Technologies. 

Envio is an interactive and user-friendly platform owned by JLL that is used to optimize building management and parameters for HVAC, lighting, and other equipment. It helps an organization to keep track of its electricity, gas, water, and heat consumption through secure historical and real-time data collection. 

The Disruptive Technologies temperature sensors were the ideal technology for deployment in the warehouse, being robust, affordable, and long-lasting.

  • Results: 

The easy wireless installation transformed the warehouse into an intelligent and sustainable building with real-time temperature data from multiple points. The warehouse can today save 911 Kg of CO2 Per Year With JLL and only 10 Disruptive Technologies Sensors.

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