Energy Efficiency: A New Competitive Edge

Many businesses are unaware of the substantial financial impact that a well-designed strategic approach to energy management can have on the value of their buildings.

Buildings play a significant role in how sustainably and competitively organizations accomplish their mission: they influence financial and reputational power, quality of service, as well as employee well-being, and productivity. It is therefore critical that buildings perform at their best. At Envio Systems, we strive to provide an end-to-end solution for the energy optimization and long-term sustainability of ANY existing commercial building regardless of the facility’s size, age, or infrastructure.

Let’s get to the point: what matters is the long-term profit sustainability of your business. So, how can we quantify the benefits to your business of investing in an energy-efficient solution? Take one of our major clients in London for example, in just 5 months we reduced their electricity consumption by a third, by implementing the Envio solution. 

The facility is now gold-certified according to the WELL standard, you can read more about this case study here.

So, before officially beginning towards a sustainable approach for your company’s future, what are some easy ways you can already start implementing this? Let’s take a look:


  1. Make energy-savings a part of your business culture. As the saying goes, “Change starts from within.” Energy conservation cannot be instilled forcefully, instead, it must become a habit in every employee at any business. Switching off lights and appliances when not in use, reducing the use of water, or recycling the water are some of the ways through which a business culture can be built from within.


  1. Conduct regular audits. Consistent monitoring and controlling the consumption of energy within the building premises considerably impact the reduction of energy bills. It also helps to check and assess the areas and devices that are consuming more power. Auditing supports the adoption of several sustainable and renewable measures to operate the day-to-day operations.


  1. Connecting old with new. Retrofitted buildings are not a new concept. As the name suggests, retrofit is the process of adding or modifying functional capabilities to an existing building. Retrofitting existing buildings and structures is an incredibly cost-effective means to increase energy efficiency and lower costs; it is more affordable than building new structures from the ground up. 


  1. Use new-age technological systems. By installing automation systems, IoT systems, and using real-time data, advanced analytics businesses can control and manage the energy used. For example: Installing daylight sensors or motion-detecting lights around the office. Also, setting all of your appliances to automatically shut off at the end of the workday can cut energy costs by as much as 4% or more.


  1. Choose the right ventilation system. Maintaining good air quality inside the building is equally important. The right ventilation system could save excess energy to control the indoor temperature. If a business fails to take these smart and sustainable steps gradually, it will lose its competitive edge and customer value over time. The Envio solution ensures that the existing ventilation system in a building is optimized to save energy and hence lower your costs, while also maintaining a healthy and comfortable climate. We can make your current ventilation system work more efficiently without the cost of changing to an entirely new one.


At Envio Systems, we know that energy efficiency is a financial as well as an environmental benefit. We bring together technology, proficiency, and services that reduce operating costs and the environmental impact. From introduction and training to annual reviews, we do this by ensuring that your team is fully ready to optimize operations every step of the way.

With Envio System’s most advanced and pioneering products CUBE, TRIA, and  BASE, you can significantly reduce energy costs and associated CO2 emissions whilst optimizing operations and user experience within a couple of clicks. Contact our team today, to see how you can use our solution to improve your building management.


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