Envio Systems Announces New Cost Insights On Fault Detection

Berlin, Germany. Envio Systems, a breakthrough solution to retrofit commercial buildings, has deployed its latest feature: Cost Insights. The focus of the new feature is to identify and quantify the cost of equipment and operations inefficiencies and provide insight on where action needs to be taken.

Global changes in society, the environment, and the economy are causing significant disruptions across all sectors, but arguably none more so than in the real estate industry. New challenges have risen, forcing organizations to rethink how they use and manage their facilities. Additionally, the fast-changing world of technology is impacting the real estate industry, unlocking advantages never possible before. That includes IoT solutions, which can be a great benefit for facility management; it can also be a bane if the right systems aren’t put in place to turn data and analytics into actionable insights.

The Envio solution connects to all existing, or new systems and securely integrates data from multiple building systems and devices, including thermostats, controllers, meters and sensors, and other connected devices. Furthermore, Envio’s Insights Dashboards allow commercial building owners and facility managers to quickly visualize and understand their alarm management’s real-time and historic status, response time, and cost associations. By monitoring connected equipment, facility managers can track energy consumption and identify equipment problems early before a breakdown causes loss of business.

Envio’s new Cost Insights feature can display the costs of those faults/alarms in terms of energy consumption and financial cost. The costs are shown per alarm, in daily and monthly totals, and grouped into categories based on frequency, impact, and type. The different levels of granularity enable managers and owners to make data-driven decisions for efficient resource management.

“Our continuous challenge is to collect data and turn it into actionable insights. Quantifying the impact of fault detection is no exception.”- Marie-Constance Múñiz, Head of Product at Envio Systems

The return on investment for commercial real estate owners and operators that choose to implement Envio’s solution is two-fold via energy savings and improved operational efficiency, ultimately resulting in a competitive advantage.

About Envio Systems
Envio Systems is an innovative company committed to using next-generation automation technology to reduce the energy consumption of commercial buildings. The large team of specialists in building management, energy efficiency, and IoT automation is headquartered in Berlin, Germany. Envio Systems was established in 2016 and has developed a groundbreaking solution allowing the cost-efficient digital management of commercial facilities of every age, size, and sophistication. Envio’s solution is currently being utilised in over 21 countries globally, operating over $3B in commercial assets for clients such as JLL, CBRE, Starwood Capital, The Crown Estate, Swiss Prime Site, and BNP Paribas.

For more information contact:
Matt Standish, E-Mail: m.standish@enviosystems.com

Media contact:
Marie Arlette Casanova, E-mail: m.casanova@enviosystems.com

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