Envio Systems Announces Integration Partnership with VergeSense for Real-Time Dynamic Space Optimization

Envio’s IoT control systems coupled with VergeSense intelligent occupancy sensors make workplaces smarter.

VergeSense industry-leading solutions provide the most complete view into office utilization across campuses, buildings, floors, rooms, individual desks, and more. Envio Systems transforms any building into a smart one with its suite of innovative IoT products, enabling buildings to function as a fully integrated digital ecosystem.

Through this integration partnership, Envio creates intelligent spaces that actively adapt to real-time conditions and allow you to track, learn, automate and optimize all building’s equipment and systems in real-time from a central platform.

Turning static spaces into dynamic, efficient, and enjoyable ones.

Before the pandemic, occupancy was predictable. Offices were expected to be full during operating hours of 9-5 and empty overnight and over weekends. Depending on the purpose of departments, those spaces could be assumed to be at full capacity like the engineering department or at half capacity for sales teams. As we return to the office or begin to figure out what it looks like, one thing is certain: Occupancy is no longer a constant between hybrid work schedules.

Next-generation buildings are created through technology that focuses on occupants. Building owners and operators can optimize how their buildings run only when they understand what’s happening within the spaces. Occupancy-based data allows HVAC to be utilized in certain zones and spaces when it needs to be instead of nonstop, 24/7. This data expands into other systems like lighting, where lights are on only when someone is in the space, and room reservations so that people know if a space is occupied without wasting time traveling across the building or campus.

The value of occupancy data has never been more important to reduce energy consumption in HVAC and other building systems, in creating automated processes, and for empowering positive employee experiences.

With that in mind and in our search to become the best provider for smart buildings we can be, we are proud to announce our integration with VergeSense. The VergeSense Workplace Analytics Platform powered by intelligent occupancy sensors measure the activity of the workplace with the precision and privacy required as we all move to the future of the office. Their sensors are easy to install, work over POE or wirelessly and require fewer sensors than other options on the market. Anonymous and on a secure mesh network, cybersecurity risks are reduced and with 97% occupancy detection accuracy, the data is at the high level we need.

VergeSense gives you the ability to visualize when and how the spaces within your building are being utilized. Occupancy data enables socially distant collaboration, space utilization information, dynamic facility cleaning, increased productivity, and so much more.

How does it work?

The integration of Envio Systems and VergeSense creates an environment that is understood at a foundational level and is then fed into a smart, AI-powered platform to integrate with other systems and build the experiences occupants want in their workplace. Envio’s Operating System analyzes and visually displays data collected from VergeSense sensors, as well as all building components and information. Utilizing real-time and historic data, Envio’s industry-leading predictive control algorithms determine optimal settings for every single component building-wide. This allows you to easily implement dynamic, occupancy-based operations rather than rigid fixed schedules. Resulting in maximal operational efficiency and optimal indoor environments for occupants at all times.

To learn more about what this integration could mean for you, please contact us.

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