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Unissu Connect Hungary – Budapest, in partnership with Property Forum

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Event Details

Unissu is hosting the global real estate equivalent of TED Talks. It will be the first simultaneous global view on the rise of technology in property. In 13 Cities over 5 Continents in 5 Days. This event brings together curated, hand-picked delegates with standardised high-quality video content regardless of recording location.

The aim of these talks is to educate the real estate industry with professionally produced content. Each event will have the best speakers on digital transformation in property, with locally created content for a global audience.


Event Program:

During the day our selected speakers will be recording their speeches in a studio, these videos will then be released on Unissu shortly after. Take a look at our finalised list below:

Dan Marculescu –  Founder & CEO at Footprints for Retail

Eva Viszkai –  Managing Director at Manta Works Ltd

Bence Vas – CEO of LOKCHECK

Andy Zhang – Co-Founder and CEO of Rollet

Reza Alaghehband – CEO at Envio Systems

Laura Szabo – Product Strategist, Managing Partner at Carangid

Marley Fabisiewicz – Founder of SpaceOS

Gergely Olti – CEO & Co-Founder at Smartdeposit

Marian Skvarek – CEO at Locco, Founder of REALPAD

Dora Szabados – Chief Experience Officer at Beyond Visual

Milan Zahradnik – Founder & CEO bei PROPSTER – der Sonderwunsch Meister