Smart Buildings

Affordable IoT Control System for Any Building


Why envio?

Quick energy
& money savings

Secure system with
easy installation

User friendly
analytics & reporting

Online tracking,
management, and alerts

Affordable and Intelligent

smart building solutions

envio has developed an end-to-end building management system capable of turning ANY existing commercial building into a smart building, regardless of the facility’s size, age, or sophistication.

Our affordable breakthrough technology, combined with our energy conservation algorithms provide unprecedented energy savings up to 70% at one-fourth the cost of comparable solutions.

Choosing envio results in the shortest payback period in the industry.


Our Mission

“Our mission is to pioneer next generation automation technologies.”

Our Vision

“Our vision is to positively impact the world through automated solutions.”


Find out how envio can help you achieve the most efficient and secure way to save time, money, and energy with our complete suite of building management software and affordable IoT devices.


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